"Even after the installation was complete, they have continued to stay in contact with us making sure we are satisfied with the end result."
Rev. Weatherby

"Sound and Video Solutions told us in laymen's terms exactly what we needed and quoted us prices within our budget. We have had our system for about 5 months and have NO REGRETS."
Rev. J. Littlefield


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Sound and Video Solutions has stepped into the arena of video projection. This medium has revolutionized how churches worship and the presentation of the Gospel. Through the tools available, such as LCD projectors and plasma displays, worship services have become an interactive display of a timeless, heart-changing message. With the emphasis today on visual learning, a video projection system in a church is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury.

More and more homes are installing home theatre systems with surround sound systems. Schools and government agencies are using this medium for everything from presenting evidence in a trial to entertaining to enhancing the learning environment. These are just a few examples of the impact video projection has had on our lives. Sound and Video Solutions stands ready to assist you with this and more!