"Even after the installation was complete, they have continued to stay in contact with us making sure we are satisfied with the end result."
Rev. Weatherby

"Sound and Video Solutions told us in laymen's terms exactly what we needed and quoted us prices within our budget. We have had our system for about 5 months and have NO REGRETS."
Rev. J. Littlefield

Topics of Discussion

  • The Ministry of Music-Vocals-Technical Support 
  • The Purpose of the Audio System 
  • Proper Vocal Techniques 
  • Getting the Most Out of the Choir 
  • Musicianship 
  • Staging the Mix-Making it Sound CD Quality 
  • Making the Right Adjustments
  • Pulling it All Together-Live Practice with the Band/Vocals/Technicians 


  • An understanding of video terminologies
  • The video signal path
  • Projector features and benefits
  • Worship service software operations
  • Multi-media logistics
  • Remote viewing and recording

All Training is Conducted with the Customer in Mind and in Laymen’s Terms.

Services Provided

Design     Installation     Training     Service

Sound and Video Solutions includes in all installation proposals a training session. This session is conducted at your facility with your equipment and personnel. Sound and Video Solutions does not place a time or personnel number constraint. Trainers stay until the last question is answered. The staff of Sound and Video Solutions realizes that what proceeds on the technical side is paramount to the success of the system. Because of this, Sound and Video Solutions is committed to providing practical instruction to those who will be using the equipment without the constraints of time and personnel.

Sound and Video Solutions also encourages its clients to videotape the training provided for future review and training of future technicians.