"Even after the installation was complete, they have continued to stay in contact with us making sure we are satisfied with the end result."
Rev. Weatherby

"Sound and Video Solutions told us in laymen's terms exactly what we needed and quoted us prices within our budget. We have had our system for about 5 months and have NO REGRETS."
Rev. J. Littlefield


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Sound and Video Solutions can also provide you with a theatrical lighting system. These systems often include integration with architectural lighting systems through dimmer systems and remote control stations throughout the building.

A theatrical lighting system can be a major asset. Shadow control can be accomplished through various forms of theatrical lighting. Also, intelligent lighting can provide an extra flavor to your on-stage production. Integrated with architectural lighting, a theatrical lighting system can be used to create any kind of mood or atmosphere imaginable for your production or worship service. Sound and Video Solutions stands ready to assist you with this exciting medium.