"Sound and Video Solutions represents a variety of quality manufacturers and has the expertise to install and train church sound technicians in their proper use. Either by phone or in person, their personal attention to the needs of their clients are excellent and I can recommend them to other churches in our area, needing a fine sound and video system."
Pastor G. Bailey
Installation Highlights

1300 + 150 on platform

Audio, Theatrical Lighting with integrated architectural control

Through the audio and lighting design, audio and lighting help provide an intimate setting for worship or concerts.

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Installation Studies

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This profile showcases a non-denominational church whose desire was a multimedia system that supported their live praise and worship band and choir as well as host national recording artists and worship leaders. With this end in mind, a design was created that met the church’s two aims.

 This relatively young church built a new worship center and incorporated cutting edge audio and lighting designs. The church’s mindset was that the building was erected in order to protect the multimedia system. In the audio side of things, the church’s requirement was a sound system that would keep up with their style of worship. An LCR system anchored by EAW speakers was specified. The design included six clusters (left, center, right, delay left, delay center, delay right), front downfills and subwoofers. EAW was also the choice for floor monitors and a distributed speaker system with Mackie Industrial (now EAW Commercial) and JBL Control Series speakers was installed. Providing the amplification was a rack of QSC CX Series amplifiers. The nerve center for the new system was the Allen & Heath ML-Series mixing console. Processing included dbx DriveRack systems for equalization and compression while Yamaha was specified for the effects processor. Countryman was also specified for instrument preamps on the platform. An existing headphone system by Boling Electronics was integrated. The existing Shure wireless microphone systems were assisted by an antenna combiner/splitter with the antennae being mounted above the control center for better line-of-sight to the platform. Additional Shure Beta Series wired handheld microphones were provided. Audio-Technica large-diaphragm microphones were placed in the choir setup area. Outboard compressors and noise gates were installed for musicians and vocalists. Recording and playback units included the Denon cassette and CD players, Marantz CD recorder and the Mackie HDR24/96 digital multitrack recorder. Middle Atlantic and Raxxess racks hold everything in place, while Atlas microphone stands are in place on the platform. A Clear-com communication system was installed throughout the sanctuary for audio, video, lighting and spotlight operator communications. Powering everything up and down in sequence is the JuiceGoose power sequencing system with remote units in the amplifier rack as well as in each rack in the control center. Cabling and patch panels included Pro Co, Horizon and Hosa.

 Again, knowing the church’s desire to host concerts and use the in-house system, the lighting was designed for a full concert. The theatrical lighting system featured ETC products exclusively. The Express 48/96 console with Samsung LCD monitor was specified. Twenty-four Source Four ellipsoidal cans were installed as front floods. Sixteen PARnel fresnel cans were installed above the platform for shadow control. Architectural lighting was integrated using the Sensor dimming rack with Unison external processing. Wall-mounted control stations were placed throughout the sanctuary to control both theatrical and architectural lighting. A DMX controller and additional channels on the connector strips were included for future expansion using intelligent lighting.

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