"Sound and Video Solutions represents a variety of quality manufacturers and has the expertise to install and train church sound technicians in their proper use. Either by phone or in person, their personal attention to the needs of their clients are excellent and I can recommend them to other churches in our area, needing a fine sound and video system."
Pastor G. Bailey
Installation Highlights

200 + 40 on platform

Audio, Video Projection

A multimedia experience that transcends the limitations of the low ceiling in the worship center.

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Installation Studies

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A United Methodist church that incorporates contemporary music into a liturgical atmosphere will be the focus of this profile. A consultation with the church’s pastor provided the information necessary to create a personalized system design. This design was later converted into an installation. 

This church renovated an existing structure to serve them during the transition to a larger facility. The ceiling in the worship center was a particularly low height. A speaker cabinet that replicated the keyboard and guitars presently used during the worship services while maintaining a low-profile presence was paramount. The OAP Ceiling-Hugger Series speaker was chosen based on its low-profile and ability to reproduce the full frequency range of musical instruments. The speakers were white, keeping the decor of the white ceiling intact. The Allen & Heath MixWizard Series mixing console was chosen, along with the AKG wireless microphones. The popular Countryman E6 headworn microphone is included with an AKG wireless microphone system. A beyerdynamic surface-mount microphone was installed to mix congregational participation into the recording mix. Behringer compression is present on the recording mix to provide a better quality recording. QSC was selected for the amplifiers for both the FOH speakers and the OAP floor monitors on the chancel area. dbx DriveRack processors were selected to provide the equalization and compression for the system and the BBE sonic maximizer was placed in the signal chain to enhance the FOH experience. Denon and TASCAM recording and playback equipment was included, as well. In the support roles, a Raxxess locking rack is housing the equipment in the control center while ACE Backstage floor pockets are installed in the chance. JuiceGoose power distribution is present in the audio system. 

With the low ceiling a consideration for video projection, traditional LCD projectors were ruled out. Instead, two Zenith plasma monitors with Chief Manufacturing ceiling mounts were suspended above the chancel area. Because of the ceiling restrictions, these plasma monitors were installed in close proximity to the FOH speakers with no interference. A Zenith LCD monitor with Chief Manufacturing ceiling mount was positioned for the benefit of platform personnel and choir. EasyWorship was specified for the worship managment software. A Gefen   fiber-optic distribution amplifier provided support for the computer signal to the plasmas and Kramer was selected for additional processing and switching. A Xantech remote control expander system controls the plasma and LCD monitors. A Zenith DVD/VCR unit was also included.

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