"Sound and Video Solutions represents a variety of quality manufacturers and has the expertise to install and train church sound technicians in their proper use. Either by phone or in person, their personal attention to the needs of their clients are excellent and I can recommend them to other churches in our area, needing a fine sound and video system."
Pastor G. Bailey
Installation Highlights

750 + 50 on platform

Audio, video projection and intercom systems in a multi-purpose facility

A multimedia system that provides practical use during worship services while being guarded against the elements of athletic activities. Also, a day care operation that has peace of mind with controlled access points.

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Installation Studies

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This Southern Baptist church is currently utilizing a blended style worship and houses a daycare during the week. A customized design catering to their needs was created and later executed during the installation. 

An audio system that would serve their needs now as well as allow them to continue to grow their music and worship ministry is anchored by the OAP Q-Series for FOH mains, EAW foldback monitors and OAP floor monitors. Galaxy Audio active personal monitors with Ultimate Support stands are also present. Rough-in wiring is in place for a future Aviom in-ear monitor system. The mixing console is the Soundcraft LX7 with 32 channels. QSC was chosen for the amplifiers and the dbx DriveRack was selected for the digital processing. Additional processing is present in the form of a BBE sonic maximizer and Lexicon digital effects. The FOH array consisted of one centrally-located cluster array providing coverage for the entire floor area. Since the facility serves both worship and recreational purposes, care was taken to position the speakers to minimize impact of flying volleyballs and basketballs during recreational use.  An Astatic desk microphone was included in the athletic office for announcing during games. AKG was utilized for the baptistry and choir loft, while the Countryman E6 headworn microphone was placed with an existing wireless microphone system. TASCAM and Denon recording and playback units were specified. Raxxess was the rack of choice and ACE Backstage recessed floor pockets are in the platform. JuiceGoose power sequencers help protect against harmful out-of-order power-ups and power-downs.  p

For the video projection system, SANYO was chosen for both FOH and platform monitor projectors and installed using Chief Manufacturing mounts. The symmetries of the room were such that the projectors were flown from a central location. While one projector faced the main screen, the other projector faced the screen on the wall opposite the platform. A Navitar/Buhl long-throw lens was integrated into the monitor projector to accomplish this. Because of the recreational uses of the building, each projector was encased in a Chief Manufacturing steel projector cage to protect against wayward balls during athletic activities. Kramer processing and switching were chosen. Kramer matrix switchers for both XGA and composite video signal formats were integrated into this project. In addition, switchers are in place to allow the church to project a computer image on the FOH projector while sending an independent computer signal to the monitor projector. This allows the monitor projector to be used as a teleprompter during special presentations without interfering with the presentation being made on the FOH projector. For control purposes, the Xantech remote control expander system was include for ease-of-use. Remote locations throughout the facility can monitor the worship service through the CCTV system installed throughout. RF modulators and distribution amplifiers assist with this operation. 

Since the facility doubles as a day-care center during the week, an Aiphone intercom system featuring full color video cameras with audio at access points was included for the safety of those in the building. This system is independent of the system installed for the platform and control center. The cameras also feature infrared operation for night or low-light usage. This video intercom system is monitored in the day care central office, where an additional phone station was installed. In addition, a 12-phone intercom system is in place for communication between classrooms.

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