"Sound and Video Solutions represents a variety of quality manufacturers and has the expertise to install and train church sound technicians in their proper use. Either by phone or in person, their personal attention to the needs of their clients are excellent and I can recommend them to other churches in our area, needing a fine sound and video system."
Pastor G. Bailey
Installation Highlights

600 + 100 on platform

Audio, Video Projection with CCTV, Theatrical Lighting, Data Network, Intercommunication, Intercommunication with Controlled Access, Digital Telephone System

A complete multimedia system that meets the church’s current needs while providing for future growth and expansion. Additional support is provided through the intercom, LAN and digital telephone system technologies.

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A United Pentecostal Church that heavily utilizes live musicians as well as desiring upgraded communications technologies is the focus of this profile. After meeting with the church, a design was created based on their needs. This design later took life as the installation was being performed.  

The audio system was designed with live instrumentation in mind. Needing a speaker cabinet that was accurate in its reproduction yet strong in output, Meyer Sound was chosen for the FOH main speaker system. The main array design called for a basic LCR system with downfills and subwoofers. In addition, EAW was specified for choir foldback monitors and OAP for floor wedges at the pulpit and praise team locations. All monitor mixes are processed with the BBE sonic maximizer. Aviom was chosen as the in-ear monitor system for the musicians, which ranged from an organ with leslie located off-stage to lead, rhythm and bass guitars, Roland electronic drums and keyboards. Shure earbuds were paired with the Aviom for accurate reproduction. An Allen & Heath     ML-Series mixing console and Soundweb speaker management processor are at the heart of the system. dbx DriveRack processors were included for the live floor wedges at the pulpit and remote speakers. Behringer compressors are on all musical and vocal channels as well as the recording mixes. A Yamaha effects processor provides some additional coloring of the sound. QSC amplifiers were chosen to power the floor wedges and foldback monitors. The legendary AKG C414 large-diaphragm condenser microphone coupled with the Sabine feedback exterminator is picking up the choir. The AKG C414 is at the organ leslie in the off-stage location. AKG was also selected for wireless microphones. A Beyerdynamic surface-mount microphone was installed for use near the baptistery and a Crown PZM microphone was installed on the back wall to capture congregational participation. The Countryman E6 headworn microphone found its way into the system through some of the AKG wireless microphone systems.  Denon playback equipment is also housed in the audio system, and TASCAM was chosen to provide CD recording. An Alesis ADAT digital multi-track recorder can be found in the control center. This is also utilized during the church’s annual Easter pageant to provide a “surround sound” effect with certain sound effects. In the behind-the-scenes technical area, JuiceGoose power sequencers are throughout the control center as well as the amplifier location behind the platform. ACE Backstage floor pockets are recessed into the platform and Raxxess racks were the rack of choice for the control center and amplifier location. Most racks were equipped with locking doors for added security during non-use. 

At the center of the video projection system is the two SANYO FOH projectors, the Chief Manufacturing projector mounts and Da-Lite Perm-Wall screens. EasyWorship is the program of choice for worship management and Kramer was tapped for the processing. Kramer signal amplifiers are feeding both projectors as well as the Samsung LCD monitors in the foyer and additional monitors in the nursery. A Kramer switcher/scaler is in place that allows the operator to send both XGA and composite video (DVD, VCR, etc.) signals through the XGA cabling to the projectors. The switcher is also vertical interval, which allows for seamless switching between sources and eliminates having to change the inputs on the projectors. A Zenith DVD/VCR combination unit is used for playback. Each projector is controlled using a Xantech remote control expander system. This system eliminates the line-of-sight requirements for the remote controls. Future expansion plans include cameras in the worship center for use with a CCTV system currently pre-wired throughout the facility. 

The lighting system is being driven by the James Lighting console in the control center. The James Lighting dimmer bars are feeding MBT par cans. Since the ceiling is white, the par cans are white to match. The rigging for the lighting is also white. 

Other technological integrations include the LAN system using 3Com components for the network’s nerve center. This LAN system included 21 data connections throughout the facility, including the control center in the sanctuary. A broadband router fur future internet use was included.  A 24-station digital telephone system using Samsung DCS sets with LCD displays is in place. The telephone system included Auto Attendant and voice mail features.  Two independent Aiphone intercom systems were installed. One system serves the control center, platform and nursery. Another system, for controlled access, was installed to provide secure entry into the Finance Office.

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