"Even after the installation was complete, they have continued to stay in contact with us making sure we are satisfied with the end result."
Rev. Weatherby

"Sound and Video Solutions told us in laymen's terms exactly what we needed and quoted us prices within our budget. We have had our system for about 5 months and have NO REGRETS."
Rev. J. Littlefield


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With the rapid advancement of communications technologies, more and more churches and organizations are tapping into the broadcast medium to deliver their message. Whether by over-the-air television or Internet "webcasting", this method is enjoying an enormous growth. Linking a company's worldwide facilities via video is now as easy as tuning in a satellite or logging into a web-based server or webpage.

Another avenue of distribution is DVD production and in-house duplication. Churches can now distribute DVD copies of services and similarly Corporate America can send training or informational discs to be viewed at the recipient's convenience.

By incorporating the latest in technology, a system can be designed and implemented to allow your message to be beamed worldwide through broadcast television and the Internet. From high-definition cameras and switchers to the latest in post-production and webstreaming technology, your system design will incorporate elements specific to your requirements. even down to the furniture!

Let the experience and expertise of Sound and Video Solutions bring your organization into this exciting realm of communications.

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